Diaries/Standard Stationery

Our range of standard stationery, traded under the Brand name ‘Printex’, enjoys a high reputation throughout the Maltese Islands. Products here include hard-bound registers in various sizes, refill pads, ring bound note books, invoice books, duplicate books and ‘foolscaps’.


We also produce a standard range of diaries, which are marketed in retail outlets. These include the 1-day per page diary (size 132x197mm); the 3-day per page diary (size 132x197mm) and the Wallet Diary (size 82x146mm), which also contains 1 week per 2 faces.

This range of diaries is also available for ordering by companies to their own specifications, in the sense of purpose-made covers (even with individual personalisation if you wish) and various other enhancements such as extra inserts, padded covers, brass corners and bookmarks.



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