Corporate Profile

Printex Ltd. was set up in April 1970 with the aim of filling a void in the upper end of the local print market. Basing ourselves on the two-pronged principles of quality and reliable delivery dates, we quickly established ourselves as leading commercial printers in the Maltese Islands.

Within a short while Barclays Bank (today HSBC) decided to start ordering their cheque and other security printing for their local set-up from our company. In 1972, we were officially recognised by the Maltese Government as capable of producing postage stamps for the Department of Posts, both from the quality and security aspects.

Local Industry Pioneers

We have been pioneers in the local printing industry in many things. We were the first company in Malta to invest in 4-colour separation equipment (1976), a 4-colour printing machine (1978), Continuous Stationery machinery (1981) and case-binding equipment (1985). In 1986, we diversified into envelope production, which we developed further with the introduction of Automailer envelopes in the mid 90’s and strip-seal envelopes in 2002. In 2008 we moved into short-run digital printing to service the smaller needs of our regular clients as also new clients.

In 2013 we invested in PVC Card production machinery, giving us the ability to produce and print PVC Cards from scratch.

In the past 40 years the worldwide printing industry has seen a revolution in technology. Pre-press has moved from hot metal typesetting to phototypesetting, to computer-to-film generation and, today, computer to plate technology. Printing has moved from letterpress to offset, from manual adjustment to computer controlled production. Print finishing has also developed push button technology and computer monitors have become a familiar sight in many Bindery departments.

In a continuous effort to keep up with these technological developments to provide clients with finished work of the highest standards, Printex has throughout the years continued to invest in the latest machinery and re-training of employees. This, coupled with almost 50 years’ experience, ensures that we can offer our customers the best solutions for all their printing needs, while ensuring quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ISO Certified

As of 28th March 2014 Printex Ltd. are holders of Certificate no. S053 and operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of MSA EN ISO 9001:2008. The scope covered by the Quality Management System includes:

Provision of design, printing, finishing services including packaging and delivery in line with client specifications.


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