Continuous Stationery & Business Forms

Continuous Stationery printing is another specialisation of our product portfolio.

With the development of computerisation in Malta in the late 1970’s, Printex immediately recognised the potential demand for a specialised line of stationery  - Continuous forms. By 1981 our first production line for this segment was up and running. Gradually, we invested in collating machinery, numbering, MICR printing, glueing and, eventually, in sheeting facilities also.

Today we can probably supply any type of Continuous Stationery that you may need with printing in up to 3 colours on paper, including carbonless, from 50gsm to 140gsm.

Products in this line include Continuous invoices, delivery notes, receipts, statements, purchase orders, requisition forms, tickets, payslips, certificates of insurance, renewal notices, remittance advices, bills of exchange, registration cards, acknowledgement cards, and all sorts of office forms that one could possibly require, including blank or ruled computer paper.

We also produce continuous pin mailer forms and sealed payslips where confidentiality of the computer generated information is a requirement.

It is relevant to include, under this heading, certain security items, which could be required in continuous form, such as cheques, dividend warrants, bank drafts, certificates, etc.

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