New Printex website launched

Printex has launched this new website with the aim of informing the general public, as well as current and prospective clients about itself.

You can use this website to see our corporate profile and vision. Have a better look at all our products and services ranging from commercial printing to standard stationery and diaries.

In our ‘Artwork guidelines’ section you can view (or download a PDF file) the basic requirements for your jobs to be printed successfully. When your artwork is ready, you can upload the files directly to our servers from the site instead of having to send them physically on CD or any other storage method.

Through the News section we will keep you abreast of any developments at Printex, as well as introducing interesting offers from time to time.

In the near future you will also be able to enter your requirements into our quote database and you will receive the quote by email.

We hope that browsing through this website will be a positive experience and look forward to any feedback that you may have.

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