Another First for Printex

Printex invests to enhance print quality and environment friendliness

GummingAs part of the ongoing investment process in state of the art technology, Printex has installed a new thermal plate-setting machine – the Agfa Avalon N8 20SR High Resolution thermal plate-setter, which uses :Azura chemistry-free plates. This machine eliminates the use of film in Pre-Press production - plates are produced from the computer directly to the plate. Quality is enhanced because dot loss through 2nd generation exposure is eliminated, as are the variables resulting from the use of chemicals in film processing.

Computer to plate technology has been around for quite a few years. But the innovation with this machine is that the process is chemical free, which makes the system more stable and reliable, because processing variables are eliminated also from the plate-making process. Whether we produce 10 or 50 plates in a day the results are always the same.

The side beneficiary from this system is the environment. By investing in this system we have eliminated the use and generation of significant amounts of chemicals and the accompanying need to dispose of them.

With this new addition to its plant list, Printex can assure its clients of even higher quality printing and reliability.

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